Saturday, January 29, 2011

My ten best games of 2010

2. Mass Effect 2(XB360, PS3)

Bioware has a very good knack for making good games. From the Baldur's Gate series to Dragon Age: Origins almost every time they announce something, people listen(or play if you will). Mass Effect 2 is no different delivering an impressively large gameplay experience spoiling players with simple RPG elements, Gears of War like shooting mechanics and a very deep conversation system. Commander Shepard returns as he(or she) is trying to defend the galaxy from a new Reaper threat. Coming back from the dead himself, Shepard teams with Cerberus, one of the smaller antagonists from the first game. Having the tools and funding necessary Shepard must collect different squadmates with their own talent to help him on his journey. Mass Effect provides players with over 30 hours of gameplay. Gamers must recruit and help their teammates in order to succeed a suicide mission to destroy the Reaper ship that's ravaging the galaxy. Along the way you will talk to your companions gaining information vital to creating a stronger relationship and thus, ensuring theirs and your survival. Bioware delivers an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone. If you have never played the first game then you may not know everything that happened, but plot developments will explain the major points. Mass Effect 2 had a very nifty feature allowing you to import your Shepard from Mass Effect 1, appearance, and the choices you made in the first game allowed different plot points to happen, and people to appear in the sequel. With an ending leading into a 3rd game, tons of planets to explore, more DLC planned and countless people to talk to Mass Effect 2 is on my list at the #2 game of the year.

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