Friday, January 21, 2011

My ten best games of 2010

8. Kirby's Epic Yarn(Wii)

In what is I believe THE CUTEST game to ever grace consoles, Kirby's epic yarn brings not only fun gameplay, but plenty of "d'aaaaw" reactions. Our adorable pink hero one day takes a stroll through Dreamland only to find a weird looking tomato. As he swallows the tomato we realize that it belonged to a wizard. The wizard, becoming very angry that Kirby has eaten his tomato, transports him to a land made entirely of cloth and yarn. Wherein he meets the prince of the land, asking for kirby's help they set off to take down the evil yarn wizard. Although the plot is very cliche and childish, Kirby's Epic Yarn delivers in two aspects, gameplay, and visuals. What has to be THE MOST beautiful game of last year Kirby's adventure is filled with eye-popping scenery. Every move you make, zipper you pull, cloth you tear, and button you tug at brings the absolutely gorgeous world to life. Paired with the very fun gameplay stylings of kirby AND the ability to tag in another player for Co-op fun. Kirby's Epic Yarn sits here comfortably at number 8.

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