Saturday, January 22, 2011

My ten best games of 2010

7. Battlefield Bad Company 2(XB360, PS3, PC)

In a market ruled by the Call of Duty franchise, DICE and EA dared to challenged the juggernaut FPS and create a sequel to the first Bad Company. Boasting better destruction, more streamlined options for multiplayer modes, and constant DLC, Bad Company 2 gave a more wealthy experience to the FPS genre than COD did.  Lets not forget about the single player campaign. Ditching the "Three Kings" plot lines the BC crew embarks on a mission to secure a scalar technology from the hands of Russian terrorist. Although this plot has been seen and used many times, characters like Marlowe, Sweetwater, and haggard bring a light heart comedic aspect to the somewhat grim situation. Explosive set pieces and some of the best sound ever produced in a video game brings realism to gamers hands. The multi-player experience is where BC2 really shines, GIGANTIC maps catering to 24 player battles bring out the best for snipers, and assault classes. Vehicles bring variety to the battlefield and different types of weapons, equipment, and classes let players choose how they want to duke it out. When it comes to realism, fun, and teamwork, no one has done it quite like BC2 and the developers at DICE.

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