Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My ten best games of 2010

I know what you're thinking "Hey man it's halfway through January 2011" but that doesn't mean i can't give you guys what I believe are my 10 best games of 2010. So, through the next 10 days I will give you my list of the highlights in one of gamings best years.

10. Splinter Cell: Conviction(XB360)

After several delays since it's announcement in 2007 Splinter Cell : Conviction released on April 13, 2010. Ubisoft Montreal went with a more streamlined, action oriented Sam Fisher while stealth gameplay took a step back and played a slightly smaller part. The outcome was a delightful cinematic experience complete with very brutal interrogation scenes, image projected objective lists, and beautiful cutscenes, all accompanied by tight controls and pleasing gameplay. The "Mark and Execute" feature turned out to be one of the main highlights, letting Sam mark up to four enemies taking them down almost instantaneously with ease. With a gripping storyline, gamers found themselves traveling from Valetta all the way to Washington D.C. in the search to find Sarah Fisher's killer uncovering a conspiracy that leads to an extremely satisfying conclusion with enough room for a promising sequel. On top of that Splinter Cell gave fans a second co-op storyline that serves as a prequel to the main game's storyline taking place 10 days prior to the game. Deniable Ops is another mode offered with the game that pits players against AI opponents in four different game modes. Splinter Cell: Conviction not only offered a blockbuster single-player campaign but also offered re-playability with different in-game goals, multiplayer modes, and a co-op campaign which is rare to find in games these days. With a game like Splinter Cell: Conviction, it's no wonder why early 2010 is considered one of the most robust and satisfying beginnings to an incredible year of games.

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