Saturday, January 29, 2011

My ten best games of 2010

2. Mass Effect 2(XB360, PS3)

Bioware has a very good knack for making good games. From the Baldur's Gate series to Dragon Age: Origins almost every time they announce something, people listen(or play if you will). Mass Effect 2 is no different delivering an impressively large gameplay experience spoiling players with simple RPG elements, Gears of War like shooting mechanics and a very deep conversation system. Commander Shepard returns as he(or she) is trying to defend the galaxy from a new Reaper threat. Coming back from the dead himself, Shepard teams with Cerberus, one of the smaller antagonists from the first game. Having the tools and funding necessary Shepard must collect different squadmates with their own talent to help him on his journey. Mass Effect provides players with over 30 hours of gameplay. Gamers must recruit and help their teammates in order to succeed a suicide mission to destroy the Reaper ship that's ravaging the galaxy. Along the way you will talk to your companions gaining information vital to creating a stronger relationship and thus, ensuring theirs and your survival. Bioware delivers an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone. If you have never played the first game then you may not know everything that happened, but plot developments will explain the major points. Mass Effect 2 had a very nifty feature allowing you to import your Shepard from Mass Effect 1, appearance, and the choices you made in the first game allowed different plot points to happen, and people to appear in the sequel. With an ending leading into a 3rd game, tons of planets to explore, more DLC planned and countless people to talk to Mass Effect 2 is on my list at the #2 game of the year.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My ten best games of 2010

3. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood(XB360, PS3)

2009's Assassin's Creed 2 was a MAJOR step up from the first entry. So how do you top the second entry? You add multi-player and more gameplay elements to an already solid experience. AC:B picks up immediately after the second game following Desmond Miles to Monteriggioni continuing the story of Ezio Auditore. This time around the Templars now have the apple of eden guarded by the sinister borgia's. Ezio must overcome new obstacles, thankfully not by himself. As part of the new gameplay elements you must recruit new assassin's to help in the battle against the Templars. Aside from the usual platforming/free-running fare, players have the option of taking down Borgia "towers" guarded by the family's soldiers. Afterwards, you can re-build the surrounding area gaining you money and new shops. For those worried that Brotherhood was an expansion have nothing to fear, AC:B is just as long as the second game providing even more collectibles, weapons, and areas to explore. When it comes to multi-player AC:B works surprisingly well. Everyone who participates gets a quick run through of the modes letting players know that they are part of an 'experiment' being conducted by Abstergo. Every player gets a target to hunt down while also being targeted by another player. Different game modes like TAlliance, Wanted, and Manhunt mix the art of killing up a bit. Hiding in bushes, using gates to block opponents, and using disguises to trick hunters make multi-player just as fun as Halo or even Call of Duty. I will be surprised to see if Ubisoft can create an even better experience with AC:3.

Sentinel confirmed for MVC3??

Earlier today a screenshot from a European magazine depicted a heavy looking sentinel fighting against Arthur in MVC3. Lets hope that 80% of MVC playes DON'T use him.

My ten best games of 2010

4. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow(XB360, PS3)

For the people who know me, it isn't a big secret that my favorite series is Castlevania. Hell, this blog is named after it. So when it came time for MecurySteam and Kojima Productions to pull together for a Castlevania 'reboot', I was thrilled. Since entering the 3D realm the series hasn't had much luck. With 2 lack-luster entries for the N64 and 2  average games for the PS2, MercurySteam took 3 popular series' game mechanics and mashed them together. Castlevania contains the fighting system of God of War, platforming of Uncharted, and monstrous battles found in Shadow of the Colossus. The resulting game has entered into many fans top 10 lists for 2010 including this one.  Following the story of a new belmont(and the first according to THIS games timeline) Gabriel, the world is in chaos from a spell cause by a powerful necromancer to cut the ties from earth to the spirit world allowing monsters to roam and the spirits of the deceased to stick around. Gabriel's wife was murdered by evil forces, and so begins his quest to not only destroy the one who caused this chaos but also retrieve a mask said to bring the dead back to life. Running on a proprietary engine Castlevania became one of the most beautiful games of last year, forests, snowy fields, gigantic castles, and a surprising last area gave astounding visuals. The game clocks in at around 20 hours, a very lengthy time for a single-player action game. Trials for each level offer challenges to gamers and collectibles litter the 50 different stages, and 12 chapters giving players more incentive to complete the game fully. Ending with a bang Lords of Shadow delivered what is quite possibly the most satisfying(and surprising) ending of any game of last year. MecurySteam has definitely proven their worth with this entry in the Castlevania franchise, not only have they made the most successful 3D Castlevania to date, but they also have reached a wider audience. We can only wait for their next outing in the series.

Monday, January 24, 2011

My ten best games of 2010

5. Halo: Reach(XB360)

For their final outing as the developers of the Halo series, the team at Bungie decided to put all their chips on the table. Gamers were plopped on the planet Reach, birthplace of the spartans. Following the Noble team and their new team member, Noble-6 we saw their story to the bitter end as the whole team fought for their lives to defend their planet. Not one for very strong storytelling Bungie delivered a captivating game ending with one of the best finale's in recent memory. Featuring wide open battlefields to take out squads of covenant, Reach shook up their usual point and shoot gameplay with sneaking and driving segments. Players were given new abilities that could be performed in game and new weapons to tinker around with. A new system was also introduced allowing players to complete objectives either in the single-player, or multi-player modes. Firefight mode returned as well with more options and levels based off the single-player campaign. The crowning achievement comes with the matchmaking service as Reach pits 16 players against each other in various modes like CTF, Oddball, and King of the Hill. Incentives are present to keep the player online with unlockable pieces of armor for customization, and challenges that change from day to day. Overall Halo: Reach was by far the definitive Halo bringing the best of the older entries and fusing them with some new FPS elements that games will definitely not forget.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My ten best games of 2010

6. Bayonetta(XB360, PS3)

Man what a witch...I mean it too! January of 2010 started off with "climactic" bang as soon as Bayonetta stepped onto the scene. Sporting guns on her heels, hands and magical hair on her body. this wonderful lady brought us what is the most fulfilling action-adventure of the year. Well, it was actually Hideki Kamiya who brought her to us, the creator of such incredible action series' as Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, and Okami Kamiya decided to take the DMC formula and give it a next gen overhaul. Building size bosses, vengeful rivals, and freeways stood no chance against this powerful witch. Anyone who picked up a controller and began to play Bayonetta instantly felt the precision that came with fulfilling combos. Blazing fast battles in gravity defying stages brought insanity to this title littered with action-packed sequences.  Beginners could play without frustration and experts took time to really find out just how much one woman could do. With countless throwbacks to classic SEGA games, quirky humor, attitude, and beauty Bayonetta definitely proved that she has what it takes to stand with the likes of Ryu Hayabusa, Dante, and Kratos. That is exactly why she strikes a pose here at spot six.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My ten best games of 2010

7. Battlefield Bad Company 2(XB360, PS3, PC)

In a market ruled by the Call of Duty franchise, DICE and EA dared to challenged the juggernaut FPS and create a sequel to the first Bad Company. Boasting better destruction, more streamlined options for multiplayer modes, and constant DLC, Bad Company 2 gave a more wealthy experience to the FPS genre than COD did.  Lets not forget about the single player campaign. Ditching the "Three Kings" plot lines the BC crew embarks on a mission to secure a scalar technology from the hands of Russian terrorist. Although this plot has been seen and used many times, characters like Marlowe, Sweetwater, and haggard bring a light heart comedic aspect to the somewhat grim situation. Explosive set pieces and some of the best sound ever produced in a video game brings realism to gamers hands. The multi-player experience is where BC2 really shines, GIGANTIC maps catering to 24 player battles bring out the best for snipers, and assault classes. Vehicles bring variety to the battlefield and different types of weapons, equipment, and classes let players choose how they want to duke it out. When it comes to realism, fun, and teamwork, no one has done it quite like BC2 and the developers at DICE.

Friday, January 21, 2011

My ten best games of 2010

8. Kirby's Epic Yarn(Wii)

In what is I believe THE CUTEST game to ever grace consoles, Kirby's epic yarn brings not only fun gameplay, but plenty of "d'aaaaw" reactions. Our adorable pink hero one day takes a stroll through Dreamland only to find a weird looking tomato. As he swallows the tomato we realize that it belonged to a wizard. The wizard, becoming very angry that Kirby has eaten his tomato, transports him to a land made entirely of cloth and yarn. Wherein he meets the prince of the land, asking for kirby's help they set off to take down the evil yarn wizard. Although the plot is very cliche and childish, Kirby's Epic Yarn delivers in two aspects, gameplay, and visuals. What has to be THE MOST beautiful game of last year Kirby's adventure is filled with eye-popping scenery. Every move you make, zipper you pull, cloth you tear, and button you tug at brings the absolutely gorgeous world to life. Paired with the very fun gameplay stylings of kirby AND the ability to tag in another player for Co-op fun. Kirby's Epic Yarn sits here comfortably at number 8.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My ten best games of 2010

9. Alan Wake(XB360)

"Stephen King once wrote that nightmares exist outside of logic and there’s little fun to be had in explanations; they’re antithetical to the poetry of fear." That is how Alan Wake opens, Remedy's 2010 entry.

Although Alan Wake did not receive huge amounts of attention like some of the other games on this list, that does not mean the game does not belong in this list. What Alan Wake brought to the table was an incredible story that is presented in moment by moment segments and pieced together like a television show. It should also be noted the end of each chapter in the game ends like a TV show would, credits and all. Taking lots of queues from all sorts of books, television, and music, most notably Stephen King, Alfred Hitchcock, and Twin Peaks. This action-suspense title pits the main character battling not only his inner demons but supernatural threats as well in the town of Bright Falls. After his wife goes missing on a trip he takes it upon himself to find her and bring her back.  Alan Wake does what lots of games fail to do and that is grab the player. Constantly Alan finds himself talking out loud letting the player know about hints, the story so far, and information about other characters. Along the way Alan finds manuscripts extending the story even further. Collectibles, re-playability on harder difficulties, and very solid DLC bring this titles length to a healthy dose. Remedy didn't hit the big time with Alan Wake, however if they decide to make a second outing lets hope that gamers out there pay attention this time around.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer


For those who haven't finished FFXIII, you will get a small chunk of the ending sequence for the game. For those who have however will find that Lighting is looking pretty valkyrie-ish this time around. Also there is a strange looking antagonist, can't tell if it's a guy or girl though. Isn't it like that with every Square-Enix game?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It has taken me a while to get this thing going but i'm finally glad I started somewhere.

When it comes to talking about games or even reviewing them, it's tough to please everyone. I am not here to do that. What I am here to do is give the most honest and truthful information i can with both the knowledge i have and will learn. I may say some things that make you angry and some things that may be completely loved by most people who read this blog. Either way you get the enjoyment of knowing what I think about the oldest, newest, and in-between video games. News and reviews will be here also. Before we go any further I want to mention that I do not promise to post every day but I WILL post as much as possible.

Thank you for reading.


My ten best games of 2010

I know what you're thinking "Hey man it's halfway through January 2011" but that doesn't mean i can't give you guys what I believe are my 10 best games of 2010. So, through the next 10 days I will give you my list of the highlights in one of gamings best years.

10. Splinter Cell: Conviction(XB360)

After several delays since it's announcement in 2007 Splinter Cell : Conviction released on April 13, 2010. Ubisoft Montreal went with a more streamlined, action oriented Sam Fisher while stealth gameplay took a step back and played a slightly smaller part. The outcome was a delightful cinematic experience complete with very brutal interrogation scenes, image projected objective lists, and beautiful cutscenes, all accompanied by tight controls and pleasing gameplay. The "Mark and Execute" feature turned out to be one of the main highlights, letting Sam mark up to four enemies taking them down almost instantaneously with ease. With a gripping storyline, gamers found themselves traveling from Valetta all the way to Washington D.C. in the search to find Sarah Fisher's killer uncovering a conspiracy that leads to an extremely satisfying conclusion with enough room for a promising sequel. On top of that Splinter Cell gave fans a second co-op storyline that serves as a prequel to the main game's storyline taking place 10 days prior to the game. Deniable Ops is another mode offered with the game that pits players against AI opponents in four different game modes. Splinter Cell: Conviction not only offered a blockbuster single-player campaign but also offered re-playability with different in-game goals, multiplayer modes, and a co-op campaign which is rare to find in games these days. With a game like Splinter Cell: Conviction, it's no wonder why early 2010 is considered one of the most robust and satisfying beginnings to an incredible year of games.

Nintendo 3DS U.S. Preview event is LIVE!

Right now in New York City, Nintendo is kicking off it's 3DS bonanza by officially revealing price, launch titles, price, and colors of the Nintendo 3DS. I will be giving you minute by minute coverage of it...NOW!(well, all the good bits you want to know)

7:01: Teleprompter went down delaying the start for about 3 minutes.

7:05: Nintendo of America's President and COO Reggie fils-aime begins with a speech of how nintendo has      constantly pushed innovation from Super Mario 64 to the Wii remote.

7:09: "This system offers more than enough for people who haven't played games before.

7:09: The 3DS can deliver 3D video playback, photo, and display capabilities.

7:10: The top screen of the 3DS is approx. 10% larger than DSi

7:11: The officially announced colors are Aqua Blue and Cosmo black! (still disappointed there is no "Pimp Purple")

7:13: Reggie is announcing all the different features of the 3DS. From the Analog circle pad, backwards capabilities of the original DS games AND DSi downloadable games.

7:15: Lights at the top right corner lets players know whether data is incoming, available, etc

7:16: 3 cameras come standard with the 3DS, one facing the player, while the other two on the outside of the system focus on 3D pictures.

7:16: Reggie steps back on stage as he begins to talk about games. According to Reggie, launch support will be "robust". Well thats good to know.

7:25: Pilotwings: Resort, Nintendogs + Cats,  Steel Diver, Ocarina of Time, Kid Icarus, DOA: Dimensions, and Super Street Fighter IV 3D are mentioned however details on if these are launch games are absent at the moment.

7:28: Games listed as on demo for today's even are SFIV3D, Asphalt 3D, Combat of Giants Dinosaurs 3D, Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, Ridge Racer 3D, and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.

7:30: In the weeks following the launch date of the 3DS until E3 2011 Nintendo hopes to have around 30 games.

730: There WILL be software included with the 3DS. Imcluding, An activity log which will track physical movement and virtual action, A pedometer application which encourages you to get up and walk around, Mii maker similar to what the wii has, difference being is that the camera will make your Mii for you. Enhanced Internet Browser, and pre-installed software.

7:33: The dreaded Friend Code system is back however less of a headache than it once was. Only one code is needed this time around and codes are NOT software dependent. If your friend is registered over local wireless then registration is instant. No need for a second code.

7:35: Digital game download access will be easier for your system, and Nintendo e-shop will offer an apparent "steady progression" of Game Boy and Game Boy Color hits.

7:35: A cool feature here, you can browse games that are available at retail and check out the videos and screenshots for them.

7:37: Ok guys here is the big news...The Nintendo 3DS will be $249.99 and the launch date is MARCH 27th!!

Finally, after waiting for months on end we finally know the release date and price of the Nintendo 3DS. A very fair price considering the features that come with the system. That's all for the live coverage of today's Nintendo press conference. Stay tuned for more news on possible launch games and more.