Tuesday, February 8, 2011


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Red Dead Redemption(XB360,PS3)

In a gaming industry overrun with first person shooter titles, one would think that a western would never work. Rockstar has taken that idea and has proven everyone wrong. Arguably one of the best characters to grace a video game the story of Red Dead follows a former gang member John Marston as he tries to get back to his family, begrudgingly following the orders of a corrupt government. Marston is tasked with taking down his old gang, but on his way he will meet deceiving, villainous, weird, and cruel characters who will put his patience and will to the test. Red Dead follows the GTA formula fairly closely giving a open world southwest setting. Players will follow a familiar take a mission then complete it and come back, style of game play. Along the way players can help strangers, skin animals for furs and meats, and take over gang hideouts. Although pretty much empty you'll find that RDR has one of(if not) THE BEST looking landscapes created in a game. From their absolutely stunning sunsets to the dark and starry nights RDR performs exceedingly well in all categories. Multi-player is also included, giving players complete free roam capabilities with up to 6 people in one crew. Here players can take place in "Land Grab" matches or just have fun causing a ruckus in towns. Also, players can use this as a portal to other game types such as gold grab and free for all matches. Overall RDR has given the most a game could in the year of 2010, solid game play, tons of multi-player options, continuous DLC, and a fulfilling story leading up to a dramatic and incredible ending. All the more reasons why Red Dead Redemption is my game of the year for 2010.

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  1. Yeah your right! Like when you put the game play together, and like the southwest settings like the sunsets and nightfalls. They really captured them really great. I agree to this very much! without a doubt....MGS4